Thursday, November 8, 2012

Apps for Rural Families..

In the pilot phase of the project, we have installed few apps on the tabs before distribute them to the families. Those installed apps were carefully selected to suit each of the member in a family.

There are more locally developed apps and other most popular apps which have been used across the world. Few of the locally developed apps can be used in local languages (Sinhalese and Tamil) as well. Also we have given the freedom for the families to download new apps as they like.

The list of installed apps are mentioned below.

01. Google Maps
02. Facebook
03. Youtube
04. Twitter
05. Bhasha Sinhala Dictionary
06. Bhasha Puvath
07. Sri Lanka Crop Prices
08. Sri Lanka Bus Fares
09. LK Lottery
10. Helakuru Sinhala Keyboard + IME
11. Train Schedules of Sri Lanka
12. English Verbs
13. Sinhala Lyrics
14. Etisalat Hub
15. Google Sky Map
16. Skype
17. Jathaka Katha
18. Lankadeepa
19. Learn and play English free 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A New Experience for Everyone..

Sarvodaya-Fusion Mobile4D unit could add another project under it which is Android Village Hubs. With the success of our "Smart Village" initiative, we had an idea of giving an opportunity to use the Android Smart Tablets for the villagers in rural areas and we were looking for a partner to join with us. Etisalat Sri Lanka was interested in supporting this initiative since they have a good track record in bringing Android devices to the mass in Sri Lanka.

"Android Village Hubs" initiative has two phases. Currently pilot phase is ongoing successfully and there will be a second phase after completion of three month pilot phase. Huawei Ideos S7 Android Tablets will be distributed between the selected families at each village by giving a chance of experiencing it for a 14 day period.

We have selected two villages from different provinces of Sri Lanka for the pilot phase and those two villages are Bathiyagama from Eastern Province and Panangoda from North Western Province. 6 volunteers from each village have been selected and trained well on using and maintaining Android tabs. These volunteer groups will work under two voluntary leaders and they will take care of the Android Tabs and also will teach the families on how to use the Android Tabs depending on their needs.

In the 3 months pilot phase, 24 families from each village will be getting a chance of experiencing Android Tabs and it will circulate in the future. All these families have been carefully selected by considering the number of members in the family, their educational level, their occupation and interest toward this project.

The project was launched on 10th and 11th of September, 2012 at Bathiygama Village and Panangoda Village with the participation of Managing Director of Sarvodaya-Fusion and Head of Brand Marketing - Etisalat.